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File Magic Document Management Software

The File Magic suite of products reached their end of life in 2006. At that time, Westbrook Technologies discontinued any development or support on the product. However, Triangle Solutions Technology continues to offer users of File Magic, various levels of support.

If you need a document management system that allows you to look at records local or via the internet? one that can serve a larger number of people? one that provides document-centric workflow? or ERM?

Check out Fortis and Fortis SE- they are a powerful document management software suite, also made by Westbrook Technologies.

File Magic 5 Series

File Magic 5 Series was a comprehensive document management software suite from Westbrook Technologies that provided superior document-handling. File Magic operated as a multi-user system on a local area network (LAN) for up to 15 concurrent users.

File Magic used Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) architecture and Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) as the back-end database engine to provide an exceptional document-handling solution.

File Magic captured a wide variety of documents and associated data and organized them into a custom-designed structure. File Magic could capture documents from any source, such as scanned, faxed, and electronic files, including black and white, color, and common file types.

File Magic allowed end users to efficiently organize and index documents that are then stored on their choice of storage media. File Magic retrieved documents instantly for editing, annotating, and/or integrating into your current business applications. File Magic also enabled an organization to share or distribute documents via LAN, e-mail, fax, CD, or printed hard copy. Additional File Magic options included File Magic Office and CDExpress.

Perhaps you use an accounting software suite and are viewing an open item relating to an invoice presented to a customer. Supporting documents could be managed by File Magic 5 Series. By using some of the powerful integration tools - OLE, DDE, and OCX - the supporting documents would be simply one click away. Using elements of the accounting transaction such as the name of the customer, open item reference, customer number, item value and or date(s), the information would be passed to File Magic 5 series to initiate a query, retrieve the vital support document and present it to the screen as if inside the accounting application.

In addition to the basic stations, the File Magic suite of products also included options that expand the capability of a File Magic system through File Magic CDExpress and Office.

More Information on File Magic:

File Magic 5 Series Data Sheet (.pdf)
File Magic 5 Series Overview (.pdf)

Note: This information was taken from various informational documents and white papers from Westbrook Technologies Incorporated. You may view their web sites at

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CDExpress for File Magic

Share documents easily with File Magic CDExpress. With CDExpress, prepare a File Magic database, document files, and a Fortis or File Magic Station with viewing capabilities for recording and distribution.

With CDExpress clients, customers, or partners can have immediate access to the data and documents they need, ensuring seamless communication and efficient information exchange. Use any CD or DVD recorder and data and documents are conveniently stored for searching, viewing and outputting. Collaborative decision-making is just a few clicks away.

Learn more about CDExpress...

CDExpress works with Rimage CD and DVD Publishing and Duplication units. Click here to learn more about CD and DVD Publishing.

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Office for File Magic

Create documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook applications and send them directly to a Fortis or File Magic database with our Office option. File Magic Office work with Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and XP. File Magic Office will:

  • Allow you to create documents in Microsoft Office then save them directly to Fortis and File Magic.
  • Eliminate the steps required to import Word, Excel or e-mail into a filing system.
  • Direct all documents to an In Basket, or Folder and Document Type, thereby eliminating data capture costs.
  • Offer large cost savings by smart indexing, automating the capture of Metadata from your documents, including e-mail.
  • Increase productivity levels, allowing more time for new projects.
  • Benefit entire workplace by securing and organizing your knowledge assets.
  • Implement and expand to increase users, add workgroups or implement enterprise-wide with minimal costs.
  • Quick learning curve with easy-to-use interface.

Learn more about Office...

Note: The information provided on this page was taken from various informational documents and white papers from Westbrook Technologies Incorporated. You may view their web site at

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